Welcome to RockTouch

Arrow_01 RockTouch is an industry leader in technical innovations

We are a team with over 14 years experience in touch technology. Working with major touch companies including 3M (previously Dynapro and Microtouch) and Elotouch, we have created a new ‘Projected Capacitive’ solution.

This Projected Capacitive method is an interaction between the sensor and controller. The interaction is even more integrated than that which is currently available using resistive technology.

By combining the best technology currently available from our Japanese supplier with the most experienced chip manufacture in the Taiwanese market, the Rocktouch line was born!

Our new concept in the marketplace will couple the revolutionary design used in consumer electronics from leading companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC, with the product strength the industrial market requires.

The interactive design combined with the cutting edge use of chemistry and optical technologies, makes RockTouch the best option available for your choice of application.